All I Need

Written by: Martin Zellar


Give me a bottle, a cigarette
A mountain of money, erase my debt
A brand new suit, a loaded gun
A tank of gas in a car that’ll run
A thermos of coffee, Tylenol 3
A sleeping bag and a fake I.D.

A Zippo lighter, a good cigar
A six-disc changer in the trunk of the car
With Blood On The Tracks, Let It Be
Nebraska, Raindogs and Oh, Mercy
Anything by old George Jones
Sunglasses and a cellular phone

A fake beard, hair dye, a racing form
A map to anywhere that’s warm
A radar detector, Vitamin B, the Fredrik Exley trilogy
Passport, pretzels, acoustic guitar
Toll change, toothbrush, a credit card
Three hours of sleep, truck stop speed
That’s all I need

All I need…
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