Barfly Blues

Written by: Martin Zellar
Barfly Blues


I really messed things up this time
Too little sleep and too much wine
I guess I’ll just be on my way
Words wouldn’t change things anyway

I made my bed, I try to sleep
Three Placidyl and count some sheep
It wears you down being a creep

Hour-by-hour, day-by-day
I stumble, crawl and make my way
Through happy hours and ladies nights
Drunken babble, pointless fights

Yellow fingers, aching head
Bloodshot eyes and spinning bed
Most of my family thinks I’m dead
It’s all so sad…

My skin’s an awful place to be
I’d change my ways if I were me
It seems my fate, the dice are cast
As long as my liver will last

On this barstool I will lurk
Overweight and out of work
No use denying I’m a jerk

Bar pour whiskey, ten cent tips
Frequent zigzag bathroom trips
Pickled eggs, stale bags of chips
It’s all so sad…
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