Dear You-Know-Who

Written by: Martin Zellar
They Even Use the Hooves... (odds & ends 1991-2003)
Dear You-Know-Who (unreleased demo)


Dear you-know-who I thought I’d write you a letter
Clear all these thoughts in my head
You’ve been walking through doors in my dreams at night lately
I guess we’ve left too much unsaid

Dear you-know-who I’ve tried to write you this letter
A hundred times over again
But all of these feelings inside overwhelm me
I don’t know where to begin

Loving you hurts
It feels like a curse
I could walk away try, to forget, to deny
I’d only feel worse
Isn’t love strange?
Some staggers, some flies
As it grows old, love may grow cold
Still it never dies
Dear you-know-who

After all that we’ve been through, you’d think we’d be closer
That years couldn’t tear us apart
It seems those that you love most, those that you’d die for
They’re the ones who will tear out your heart

Isn’t love strange?
It can heal, it can hurt
Lift you so high, to the stars in the sky
Drag you down through the dirt
Loving you hurts
Just makes me so sad
Wondering why I bother to try
Why I want it so bad
Dear you-know-who
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