Everything We Had

Written by: Martin Zellar
Everything We Had


How could you have been so selfish
Say the thing you say
Lead me on and break my heart
Then turn and walk away
How could I have been so foolish
So blind so naïve
I was looking in your eyes
Instead of up your sleeve

Time will tell
Was it midlife did you in
Do you think she really loves you
Stay through thick and thin
Shame on you
For treating me so bad
Turned your back on all those years
And everything we had

I’m still trying to get my bearings
Living here alone
Yes, I have friends, but they have families
Problems of their own
I never dreamed I’d feel so helpless
Don’t think it’s sunk in
What’s the first step one should take
To start their life again

I still can’t believe this happened
Seems like some bad dream
I got the house, a little money
Lost my self esteem
Sometimes I hope you’ll beg forgiveness
Maybe move back in
Most the time I hope I’ll never
See your face again

Maybe time
Will heal my aching heart
Maybe someday I’ll be grateful
For this brand-new start
Right now that seems
Oh-so-far away
Takes most everything thing I’ve got
To make it through the day

Turned your back on all those years
And everything we had
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