George and Tammy

Written by: Martin Zellar
Martin Zellar and The Hardways
George and Tammy
Two Guitars, Bass & Drums
George and Tammy
They Even Use the Hooves... (odds & ends 1991-2003)
George and Tammy (alternate studio version)


Why does it hurt, these things that you say
Even though I know you’re too drunk to think
Why do I stay when all that I get
Are more heartaches and bruises

Don’t you know that your words aren’t enough
To make good all the things you’ve done
Anyway, I don’t need this heartbreak

Don’t ask me why I do what I do
I guess it’s one more over that line
I don’t mean to hurt you, I get so frustrated, I swear
My back’s against the wall

Don’t you know you can’t push a man too far
I just reached my breaking point, that’s all
Anyway, it won’t happen again

Sometimes it’s O.K.
I think that you love me and need me
Everything’s gonna work out fine

So just give me time
I can make you happy, I swear
Just give me a little more time
I know my words aren’t enough
To make good all the things I’ve done
Anyway, you don’t need this heartache
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