I'll Be Strong

Written by: Martin Zellar
They Even Use the Hooves... (odds & ends 1991-2003)
I'll Be Strong (unreleased demo)


I was born here near Macon in 1843
Pa moved us to Peron, my mama, my brother and me
We built up a small farm, worked it hard everyday
Then ma took with a fever, we watched as she wasted away
The Lord finally took her, it was early that fall
Then the army come-a-knockin’
Pa and Jonah they answered the call

We’ll be strong
Carry on…

They marched out of Darden under Robert E. Lee
Pa fell at Antietam, Jonah somewhere in west Tennessee
The poor boys done the fighting, but it wasn’t their war
They risked all to gain nothing
I guess honor was what they died for

I’ll be strong
Carry on…

They blew through the county
Like a storm born of Hell
They burned all the cotton
They poisoned our well

Now I’m back here near Macon with my pa's family
I help out with the cattle
Lord I’m so lost, so lonely

I’ll be Strong
Carry on…
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