I'm That Problem

Written by: Martin Zellar
Roosters Crow
i'm that problem


Hear the count off, band kicks in
Okay, here we go again boys
Close your eyes and dream of better days
Before you felt so old and tired
Irrelevant and uninspired
Before you went and pissed it all away

I just can't go on like this
I need a drink, I need a kiss
I'm losing hope that things will be okay
You can hold me, hurt me, watch me bleed
Now I'm that problem you don't need
I never meant to drag you down this way

Somewhere, somehow I hit reverse
From good to bad then bad to worse
I went and dug a hole and dug it deep
It's the same sad story, same old song
Same old blues, the same things wrong
I made my bed and now I just can't sleep

I lost my will, I lost my way
I've got nothing left to say
I just can't seem to get myself on track
You can kiss me cut me, watch me bleed
Now I'm that problem no one needs
I warned you years ago I'd let you down
And now I've let you down

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