It Works For Me

Written by: Martin Zellar
Roosters Crow
it works for me


I opened my eyes this morning
My heart beating strong
I reached up for a cup of the cure
That I'd put off too long

I thought. "holy shit, this is real
So this is how I was meant to feel
How people feel

Any way I say this
Is gonna sound odd
But I think maybe I've stumbled onto something
That I can call god

What that is, I won't say
All you need to know anyway
Is that it works for me

Whatever this is, it's all my own
It's for me and for me alone
And it works for me

I'll just keep moving forward
Look straight ahead
And believe that my soul has been healed
And the devil is dead

I said someday I would change
Had faith I would
I think I really have
And it feels good

And I feel good
I think I'll be o.k.
I think we'll be o.k.
I think we'll be o.k.

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