Marching Beside Him

Written by: Martin Zellar


When Jesus blows the trumpet
I will fall in line and fight
We’ll run through the Fallen Angel
And his minions we shall smite
A hallowed seat beside our Lord
Will be our given right
For marching beside Him

I will grant sinners forbearance
Until the Lord gives me a sign
And when it comes I’ll shed their blood
And glory shall be mine
For those who heed His call to arms
Shall count themselves divine
For marching beside Him

No barb can pierce the armor
Provided by my Lord
And those who are not wearing it
Shall be cut down with his sword
For those who stand against Him
No mercy, no reward
We all must stand with Him

Woe to non-believers
For there shall come a flood
Those who don’t accept his word
Will drown in their own blood
So climb down from your ivory tower
Crawl up from the mud
We all must march with Him

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