Roosters Crow

Written by: Martin Zellar
Roosters Crow
roosters crow


They say roosters crow to greet the dawn
What a load of shit
Because roosters crow the whole night long
And that's the truth of it

And all the drinking's tore you up
And the drugs have worn you down
And the past it just keeps catching up
So you just keep moving around

And things that ought to scare you don't
And things that shouldn't do
There's a killer sittin' at your side
And no one seems to see him there but you

And you run because you always run
When things start falling down
Because it's easier to run than stand
And try to hold your ground

And you hide because you've always hid
And crawled into a ball
You were a scared and sad and lonely kid
And you're older now, that's all

And bit by bit the stories change
As dreams turn into lies
The truth is right in front of you
But you can't seem to look it in the eyes

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words, they hurt me more
I'm as fragile as I've ever been
And I know what's in store...

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