Written by: Martin Zellar
martin lee zellar
Scattered (acoustic)


I used to wake up every day so sure
That the world was mine
Had confidence and faith so pure
I knew I’d be fine
I used to close my eyes each night and I would fly
Now it seems my dreams have fallen from the sky
Right to the ground
Scattered all around

I used to lie in bed at night and dream
Of everything I’d do
All the people, places, things I’d see
Before I was through
Time can be cruel, can bring you to your knees
Take everything with no apologies
Then move right on
All your dreams are gone

It seems so cliché to say, but time
It just melts away
Seems we close our eyes and drift to sleep
We wake up old and gray
I say regrets are what others pass for hell
We leave this earth knowing all to well
What we could have been
If we had known back then
What we could have done
Back when we were young
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