They Even Use the Hooves (Odds & Ends 1991-2003)

I Miss (Demo)
Restless Heart (Demo)
Lullaby (Alternative Version)
* It's a Heartache (Not Included on Download)
Hard Luck Train (Demo)
You're in Love (Demo)
Force a Smile (Demo)
Train on Fire (Demo)
* The Christmas Song (Not Included on Download)
* Nashville Blues (Not Included on Download)
Let Go (Demo)
Tomorrow Is Too Late (Demo)
Summer Kind of Sad (Demo)
Il Mio Cuore (Demo)
So Far Away (Demo)
I'll Be Strong (Demo)
Sorry Doesn't Change a Thing (Demo)
Something's Gotta Happen (Demo)
We Were Young (Demo)
Problem Solved (Demo)
Say Goodbye (Demo)
Everything for You (Demo)
Low Road (Demo)
Lost Without You (Demo)
* Love's Gonna Live Here (Not Included on Download)
An Open Letter to Lancelot Link (Demo)
Never Like This (Demo)
Ol' Santy Claus (Demo)
Dear You-Know-Who (Demo)
* Guilty Just the Same (Not Included on Download)
The Whole World Thinks I'm Great! (Demo)
* Holiday Medley (Not Included on Download)
Falling Sky (Demo)
Lie to Me (Demo)
* So Lonesome I Could Cry (Not Included on Download)
George & Tammy (Demo)
The Ballad of Tallahassee Don
Don't Forget Me (Live Acoustic Performance)


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